Monday, November 14, 2016

A Journey Into the Unknown: Part 1

Three players: 
Level 1 Human Fighter "Einar"
Level 1 Human Cleric "Los" 
Level 1 Halfling Thief ''Drayden"

A farmer was taken from the fields outside the town of Archeim. A small search party was sent out. They were attacked by small nightmarish green creatures. One person survived. The town sent out the player characters to investigate the attack site.

Once at the site, the players could easily follow the trail of blood and broken branches through the forest. After a full days travel, the trail became harder to follow. They began to set up camp in the twilight hours, when they noticed small dancing lights, floating through the trees. A rustling noise began to build and coalesce into one voice, that spoke each of their names and told them to follow the lights.

They packed up their things and chose to follow the lights.  Time blurred, they were unable to discern how long they followed.  Noises began to build around them in the dark. As if hunted by creatures of the wild.

They noticed the lights stopped and gathered together around a giant tree. The gathered light was very bright and illuminated an opening at the base of the tree.  The portal was carved with wicked markings, which Los identified as an ancient and evil language.  The Lights began to disperse and the noise in the woods grew closer and closer.

The Cleric tied up his mule and they descended into the darkness of the tree.

Carefully descending the spiral stairs they entered the large temple room with a statue of a fat demon holding a bowl of fire. They heard a wicked voice echo around the room that said"find it or else I'll feed you to her!" then they heard the scuffling of feet move through the temple but they could not see where to.

After exploring the demon temple, They moved down a hallway heading west. They noticed a portcullis in the ceiling and moved on into the next room.  There was nothing of note in the room, so they continued on. In the hallway they passed through an arch that was covered in the same markings as the portal into the tree. Once the last character stepped through, the portcullis slammed shut. They were trapped!  No where to go but forward.

They kept going through the next room and into a hallway heading north. When they cast their lantern light into the room, they saw skeletons standing motionless, But they raised their heads and advanced towards them.The halfling Drayden was in the lead position and took the brunt of their attack, He fell on the spot. The other 2 companions fought valiantly and did a bit of damage to the horrid dead, and they may have fared even better if god of the cleric had answered his call to turn the evil undead. So instead they picked up their fallen friend and they made a tactical retreat to the archway where less skeletons could get at them.

The Cleric made a last effort to call on his god to turn the skeletons or else they would meet their doom and the Hidden Voice chose to answer. All the skeletons fled back from whence they came.

The players bound their wounds and managed to revive the halfling. They returned to the skeleton room and noticed they were all lined up in a hallway, not moving. They also noticed a lever, which they presumed to operate the portcullis.  They stood deliberating for a while on a plan. They heard a noise in a room down the hall and voices.

The Cleric decided to smite the skeleton while the halfling pulled the lever. But when the Cleric and fighter reached the skeleton they saw a door down the hallway open and their gaze rested on a small 4 foot tall creature with pointed ears; pale skin and white hair with eyes of midnight blue. Incredibly beautiful but also incredibly evil. She screached out with a wicked voice and commanded her minions to attack! More skeletons entered the room and 2 small green skinned creatures.

The Cleric was able to turn the undead again, which left the 2 small creatures, They attacked with a blood lust but were hacked to pieces by the three companions. At that moment, the room became unnaturally black as night. The characters quickly joined hands and followed along the wall back to the portcullis.  They heard no sound of pursuit, so they continued to flee back up the spiral stairs until they could see again.

They chose to continue to the surface and rest in the forest.  At the top, they found Larry the Mule torn to pieces by tooth and claw. They also noticed that it was twilight again, as if another day had passed, but they had only been in the dungeon for a couple hours at most.

After a nights rest they descended back into the darkness. But this time they chose to explore other areas of the dungeon. They wisely chopped a tree branch and made their own 10 foot pole to help find traps.

They went down the north hallway off the main demon temple room and found a door. On the other side was a huge room with a ceiling they could not see, that was covered in giant cobwebs. Lying in the room, they found a skeleton and emaciated corpse. They noticed what may have been a door that was covered in webs. They heard a rustling above and saw the cobwebs move, they quickly retreated the way they came and shut the door. As they looked back they saw the giant shadow of a spider

They wisely decided to leave this room alone.

Going down the hallway to the east they came to a crossroads and directly to the east was a door. They entered the door and found an ancient helmet  lying on the floor.  They could discern that the helmet was of a style worn at least 1,000 years ago. They continued on and found another room to the east that was filled with vines descending from the broken ceiling.  They headed south of the helmet room and entered another room, where they found a shield of the same design as the helmet. They were both remarkably in good condition, just dirty. The fighter chose to don them.

They continued through the door to south and heard chanting in the next room. They cracked open the door and could see a fire burning with 8 small green creatures dancing around it as if performing a dark ritual.

They chose to leave creatures to their evil intent and backtracked to the cross roads. This time they headed north down the hallway which turned east.  They could smell rot and mold. They stood around deliberating and began to back track but they heard a sharp little voice say "wait, come back... please... help me".

A small dark green skinned creature came into view. They imagined her to be female. A conversation ensued and the characters grew tired of her nonsense. They were debating on killing her, when she squirmed and writhed and uttered dark words. The halfling failed his saving throw and decided that the poor creature really did need their help and that she was honest and would help them in return.  The fighter, Einar was having none of it. He quickly stepped up to the dark thing and punched her square on the jaw. She dropped hard to the floor.

They continued on down the hallway, with the knocked out creature. The halfling was furious with his companions, that they would harm such a defenseless thing. They argued down the hall and came to a room that had 2 statues wearing ancient clothes with glowing red eyes. Behind them they heard the sound of four creatures similar to the woman that screamed in a dark tongue at them, but they would not approach. They seemed fearful of the room.  The fighter threw the unconscious creature into the room to test the statues.  Their eyes remained fixed on the characters.

--To be continued

House Rules Created During Play:
Fighter: if an opponent dies from the fighter's attack, the fighter may make one additional attack against an adjacent opponent.

Binding Wounds: roll hit die

Critical Hits: roll a natural 18-20, get max damage

8 Hours Rest: Restore full hit points (hit points are viewed as stamina)

Helmet:  +1 to AC. Difficult to hear and see, easier to be surprised.